Chinese youth

I’ve found this op-ed story from New York Times almost right onto the point about how to depict our young urban population, even though I do disagree with it on some bits. It’s written before the lavish Beijing Olympic Games. It is accurate that many Chinese young people are blind optimists by the lack of information and are reflexive patriots by education. 

I quote here — "It is received wisdom in China that people in their 40s are the most
willing to challenge their government, and the Tibet crisis bears out
that observation. Of the 29 ethnic-Chinese intellectuals who last month
signed a widely publicized petition urging the government to show restraint in the crackdown, not one was under 30." I have my own view about the issues in Tibet, but that’s a story for another day.

Plus, the article has an eye-catching art piece! (see below for a thumbnail).

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