Total solar eclipse on July 22

We are expecting to observe a total solar eclipse (TSE, 全日食) on July 22, a rare event that can be seen in many areas in east Asia and in some Pacific islands. One can see the above figure (from NASA website containing much detailed information about this TSE event) for the projected TSE path that spans from east India into Pacific Ocean (the band indicates areas where TSE can be observed). NASA has also published on its website a projected TSE path through China (see figure below). People in major cities including Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and Chengdu will have the chance to watch it. Places closer to the central line of the band have longer TSE time. Shanghai has about 5 minutes. Partial sonar eclipse (PSE) can be observed across much large areas.

Question: can we actually see the Sun on July 22 here in Shanghai?
Given that pollution and cloudy weather might block the clear sky, we
could only experience a dark period on July 22 without directly seeing
the TSE process. According to a weather forecast, Shanghai will have a T-storm or rain-shower with a 100% chance of precipitation on Wednesday. It’s not clear to me how this is going to affect the observation.

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