MPG had its point

Have a hard time to crack a joke lately? or do not know how to
spell "ignorance" anymore? Well, German’s Max Plank can teach in.

Max Planck Forschung (Max Plank Research by English), a prestigious
journal by Max Planck Society (MPG, the German basic science research
institution)  recently had a special issue that focused on China. The
editorial board decided to run a cover with Chinese poem to show the
comparative sophistication of Chinese characters. Unfortunately, the "poem" chosen for its German version turned out an advertisement of
prostitution in its elusive and suggestive nature (see below for the
image of the cover).

Embarassing!!! Considering that MPG is worldly renowned science
organization and I am also affiliated with it, this is a debacle! How did these guys find out this ad anyways? Life is strange.

Here comes the funny part. The Max Plank Research later apologized to
its readers and run a different cover for its English version. The
statement said that the editorial board had asked a German sinologist
before publishing the cover "poem", and this poor guy concluded that the
content of the "poem" was non-controversial. What? a German sinologist?
Come on, why not check it with any Chinese graduate student there, which will serve much better
for the purpose. Morons!

Here comes Jin’s 2009 resolutions

This 2008 is a bumpy ride. People emerged from a country-wide snow storm, rubbles of a ravaging earthquake in the Southwest and a lavishing Olympic party that cost Chinese people another 40 billion US dollars. Now, it comes the global recession of economy, which awaits for being fully unfolded in 2009.

I do not have a resolution for 2009 that has a grand purpose. A few points anyways

(1) hike a mountain (done the Huang Mountain 2008) in my lovely Sichuan and pay tribute to the perished in the earthquake
(2) be a better scientist
(3) be a better traveler
(4) do more writings to my blog

Horay, Here comes the 2009!