Howdy 2008! Jin’s New Year Resolutions

the new year is just around the corner, again. this is a busy and lonely new year holiday in a hectic city. i need to write this down before it actually inches into 2008.

1. hike another major mountain in this country (not necessarily Mt. Everest);

2. travel to another uncharted territory on this planet (not necessarily sub-sahara desert);

3. be more scientifically literate (forever going process);

4. do regular exercise, work out! no matter how polluted outside (i need a treadmill, asap);

5. be more friendly to the city of shanghai (it starts pissing people off)

6. whatever, be a cowboy? that’s too gay.

Howdy 2008!

jin (surfing in shanghai)

Lone Star & Texas

Every time listening to Norah Jones’ Lonestar, I remember driving on Texas highway at night. Texas is a lonestar state. You can even see a shiny lonestar on the mountain in El Paso, a border town to Mexico.

Lonestar, where are you out tonight?
This feeling I’m trying to fight
It’s dark and I think that I would give anything
For you to shine down on me

How far you are I just don’t know
The distance I’m willing to go
I pick up a stone that I cast to the sky
Hoping for some kind of sign


K2 is the second highest peak in the world at an elevation of 28,251 ft or 8,611m, only shy to Mount Everest at 29,035ft or 8,850m (Both peaks are parts of the Himalaya Mountains range). K2 is famous for its difficulty to climb. It is the most difficult mountain to climb due to it steepness and remoteness to access. It can however be accessed from Xinjiang province or alternatively from its Pakistan side.

Photo credit: the photo is adopted from National Geographic Website (see here).