Yueyang Road’s Abbey Road

Ok, It has been three months now, for me, in this strange city. It is busy, loud, remote and faceless. Walking down the street in the heart of Shanghai, I start missing that quiet little town nowhere in the snowy Rocky Mountains.
I sit right on the street in my office every day and night, witnessing all the impatient traffics passing through honking and polluting. I still feel myself a visitor who can not manage to fit in. My friend called it "A Sin City". Well, he never jumped into a subway cart, he never left this corner of the town, how could he know better anyway? He is just another scientist with critical opinions. It’s nothing but a first-place rejection. I know the Sin City that is right in the middle of Nevada desert, cash-driven and soulless. In spite of all its charms, it is fake. It’s not a city you call home, people are not real people, money is played in unrealistic games. With all its fantasies, it is heartless. You are a tourist, a gambler, a retiree, a college kid, a lover, a loser, …, you are rushing in and out of the Sin City. Maybe my friend has his point. It does resemble that Sin City of Nevada here in Shanghai. Neon lights can only shine in darkness. That goes the speechless skyline, a dandy tower standing by another, and so on. People call it trendy, futuristic, conceptual, cutting-edge, anti-past-postmodern, whatever.
Today we’ve watched in our neighborhood a bogus band playing Beatles in a restaurant named "Abbey Road", on Yueyang Road.
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